Executive Committee

Executive Committee and Presidentship 2015-2017
Elected at the IGS General Assembly Meeting in Bergen May 31, 2015

Einar Røttingen, Chair
Pianist, Professor, the Grieg Academy – Institute for Music,
University of Bergen
Einar Rottingen
Alternative: Bjarte Engeset, Conductor

Mária Eckhardt
Musicologist, choral conductor, retired director of the
Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Budapest
Maria Eckhardt
Alternative: Siren Steen, Leader of the Grieg Archives,
Bergen Public Library

Arnulf Mattes
Musicologist, leader of Centre for Grieg research, University of Bergen
Arnulf Mattes
Alternative: Marketa Štefková, Professor, Department of Music Theory,
Academy of Performing Arts, Slovakia

Njål Sparbo
Singer, Oslo
Njaal Sparbo_kredit Elisabeth Wathne
(Photo: Elisabeth Wathne)
Alternative: Audun Sannes Jonassen, Scholar, Bergen

Sigurd Sandmo
Director, Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen
Sigurd Sandmo
(Photo: Hallvard Lyssand)
Alternative: Monica Jangaard, Curator, Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen

Sylvia Reynolds Eckes, USA
Professor Emerita, Piano, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio
 Sylvia Eckes
Deputy to the president: Beryl Foster, Great Britain
Writer, reseracher, singer
Leader of the British Grieg Society
Beryl Foster

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