Grieg-Begegnungsstätte Leipzig e. V.

Grieg-Begegnungsstätte Leipzig e.V. was founded in 1998. The Society is organizing their activities connected to the restored former Music Salon belonging to the music publisher C. F. Peters in Thalstrasse 10 (photo). In this building, Nina and Edvard used to live during their stays in Leipzig, as guests at Grieg’s publishers Max Abraham and Henri Hinrichsen in Peters Verlag.

Max Abraham, Nina Grieg, Oscar Meyer, Edvard Grieg

The Music Salon has been under reconstruction for many years, and was opened as Edvard Grieg- Gedenk- und Begegnungsstätte on November 7, 2005.
The Society arranges concerts regularly.
More information on the Grieg-Begegnungsstätte here.
Grieg-Begegnungsstätte Leipzig e.V.
Mailing address:
Talstrasse 10 D-04103, Lepizig, Germany
President: Prof. Dr. Helmut Loos