Papers from the Grieg Seminar in 2013

Papers from the Grieg Seminar in Bergen August 23 to 25 2013 is published here.
The theme for the Seminar was “Grieg and Aspects of Interpretation”

2 thoughts on “Papers from the Grieg Seminar in 2013”

  1. Hello, I’m a music student from germany and currently writing on my final academic work about edvard grieg. Is it possible to have a look into the papers of the grieg conferences? It would be very interesting for me to get some insights. Thank you very much.

    Jacob Fauser

    1. Dear Jacob Fauser,

      This is absolutely possible. The web site and the papers are open to everybody.
      But please notethat if you use something from the papers, you must make contact with the authors.

      Kind regards,
      Monica Jangaard
      Secretary of the IGS

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