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The International Edvard Grieg Society, the Grieg Research Centre at the Faculty of Fine Arts, Music and Design University of Bergen, and Kode Art Museums and Composer Homes invite music researchers to the
Current Musical Heritage – International Edvard Grieg Conference
Bergen 17 ­- 19 November 2023

To Edvard Grieg, music always was part of a quest against the suppression of individuality and the imagination of people living in a free society. This year’s Grieg conferencewill, in the spirit of Grieg, address the value of musical heritage in relation to recent political developments that made an impact on how we conceive national sovereignty and common democratic values in Europe and all over the world.

We will welcome contributions revisiting musical heritage used as a tool for trans-national cultural understanding, nation building, and nation branding. This perspective requires a critical rethinking of musical icons such as Grieg and national musical heritage in times, where ‘borderless’ global culture is set up against long-standing national traditions, challenging inherited value systems and canons. This leads also to a revaluation of ‘classical art music’ and its relationship to local place, notions of belonging, and vernacular traditions.

Conference program, keynote speakers, and practical information for participants:

See conference web page on

Conference venues:
Troldhaugen (Kode Art Museums and Composer Homes)
Grieg Academy (University of Bergen)

Application procedures:

  1. Submission of research papers or artistic research presentations: Please send an abstract (300 words) by 1 July 2023 to Proposals will be assessed by 15 August 2023. 
  2. Observing participants: Please send name, country, e-mail address, and background information (studies, professional activities) to  

All applicants must pay for their own travel and accommodation. More practical information about program, conference venues, travel, and local accommodation will be sent to the participants in due time. Seminar sessions are free for all participants. Lunch will be covered for active participants.

The International Edvard Grieg Society
is a non-profit organisation, aiming to create a worldwide network of scholars, performers and music listeners who cherish the music of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.

Grieg Research Centre (UiB)
The Grieg Research Centre at University of Bergen does research on Edvard Grieg’s works, his historical importance and cultural relevance in the past and the present. The centre’s goal is further to contribute to international research on the diverse traditions in Norwegian music succeeding Grieg and the close exchanges between regional music and international currents.

Kode Art Museums and Composer Homes
Troldhaugen, Lysøen and Siljustøl, the homes of three of Norway’s greatest composers and artists through the times – Edvard Grieg, Ole Bull and Harald Sæverud – are a part of Kode, Art Museums and Composer Homes. Kode is one of the largest museums for art, craft, design and music in the Nordic countries.

The Grieg Academy – Faculty of Fine Art, Music, and Design, University of Bergen
The Grieg Academy – Department of Music was established at the University of Bergen in 1995 and is now one of three departments at the Faculty of Fine Art, Music and Design (KMD). Our profile is modelled on internationally recognised performing arts environments (classical, jazz, folk music), composition, music therapy, musicology and music education.


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