Øyvin Dybsand – paper 2007

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Bergen June 2, 2007

Øyvin Dybsand, Norway
Assistant Professor, Department of Musicology
University of Oslo

Johan Halvorsen’s music to the “Troll-play” Fossegrimen
– a conversion with
Grieg as well as Norwegian Folk music
Although Halvorsen was 21 years younger than Edvard Grieg, he was still one of his closest friends and colleagues in the later years of the latter. The friendship started when they both were staying in Leipzig 1887, and when Halvorsen married Grieg’s niece Annie 1894, they were also close related by marriage. After the turn of the century, Grieg spent most of the winter seasons in the Norwegian capital, in which Halvorsen hold the position as Norway’s leading conductor of
Norway’s largest professional symphony orchestra at the National Theatre, opened 1899.

Download the whole paper here
Øyvin Dybsand paper 2007

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