Camilla Hambro – paper 2011

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Copenhagen August 12, 2011

Camilla Hambro, Norway
University Lecturer
Åbo Academy, Finland

Edvard Grieg and a Mother’s Grief. Portrait with a lady in no man’s land
“No doubt, my music will be forgotten a hundred years from now. However, I feel that I have not wasted my time in writing music that has delighted millions of people in all enlightened countries […]. I make no pretensions of being in the class with Bach, Mozart and Beethoven. Their works are eternal, while I wrote for my day and generation. […] Liszt once said of Thalberg, ‘Son genre es petite, mais il est grande dans son genre.’ That saying could be applied to me as a composer.”

No one could have put it better than Edvard Grieg did himself when he characterized his own oeuvre: He reveals his goals, suggests characteristics and exposes the heart of his production. His wife Nina Grieg performed his songs; over the years they merged more and more into each other as artists and this was an important part of their branding.

Download the whole paper here
Paper Camilla Hambro 2011

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