Ernst-Günther Heinemann – paper 2007

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Bergen May 30, 2007

Ernst-Günter Heinemann, Germany
Dr., Editor, G. Henle Verlag, München

Some observations on preparing Henle Urtext editions of Grieg’s Music
In 1948 Günter Henle began to build a library of source-critical editions of piano and chamber music by “classic” composers for his newly-founded company. It was his declared aim to present works in the versions in which their composers had released them for printing. Various stages of musical development, early sketches and versions were to be commented upon in the preface and in the notes section of the new editions, but were not to be reproduced in the musical text. In this way Henle’s concept differed from the style of modern “complete editions”, which give great weight to describing the genesis of a work (describing here means that the musical text of preliminary stages is edited and printed).

Download the whole paper here
Ernst-Günther Heinemann paper 2007
Heinemann music examples

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