Foundation Council Assembly

The Foundation Council Assembly acts as the supreme Foundation organ. It shall supervise the management of the Foundation in accordance with present statutes and applicable laws.

The Foundation Council Assembly meet every second year, often connected to the IGS conferences.

The Foundation Council Assembly consists of maximum 33 members:
Up to 15 members are appointed by associated independent Grieg societies / associations according to provisions set by the Council Assembly.

The following 12 institutions appoint one member each:

  • The Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra
  • The Municipality of Bergen
  • Bergen Public Library
  • The Hordaland Regional Municipality
  • Bergen College
  • The Norwegian Academy of Music
  • University of Trondheim
  • The Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra
  • Norwegian Concert Institute
  • Stavanger Symphony Orchestra
  • University of Bergen, The Grieg Academy
  • University of Oslo

Until six members are appointed by the Council Assembly meeting for four years at a time.

The Council Assembly may invite other representatives to participate in discussions at meetings, without the right to vote or make proposals.

The Council Assembly appoints its President with an alternative for a period of two (2) years.