Jan Dewilde – paper 2009

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Berlin May 14, 2009

Jan Dewilde, Belgium
Head librarian Royal Flemish Conservatory Antwerp
Artesis University College of Antwerp
Coordinator Centre for the Study of Flemish Music (Antwerp)

Frank Van der Stucken (1858-1929): a friend of Grieg and translator of his songs
This paper fits in with a research project that is presently being implemented in the library of the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp about the composer-conductor Frank Van der Stucken. The library preserves a large collection of scores and documents of Van der Stucken, which form the basis of this research. The contacts between Edvard Grieg and the Flemish composer-pianist Arthur De Greef (1862-1940), who met in 1888, are well documented, but the piano virtuoso De Greef wasn’t Grieg’s first Flemish contact. One decade before, Grieg had already got to know an American composer with Flemish roots, namely Frank Van der Stucken.

Download the whole paper here
Jan Dewilde paper 2009

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