Juliette Appold – paper 2011

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Copenhagen August 12, 2011

Juliette Appold, USA
Manuscript Cataloger, Musicologist
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Edvard Grieg, Niels Gade and Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann.
Musical reverences in selected piano works.
Prior to his first visit to Denmark, Edvard Grieg wrote that he felt “stuffed with Chopin, Schumann, Mendelssohn and Wagner” and that he needed to find a more independent atmosphere in order to compose. Denmark was the place that offered him exactly what he was looking for. He made two very important acquaintances there: Niels Gade and Johann Peter Emilius Hartmann. They became very close friends with Grieg, and like Grieg, they also spent time in Germany. In this respect, Gade and Hartmann’s music might have provided Grieg new ideas or examples for creating a musical style beyond the then very prominent or almost dominant German music tradition.

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Paper Juliette Appold 2011
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