Jurjen Vis – paper 2011

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Copenhagen August 11, 2011

Jurjen Vis, Holland

Fuglsang as a musical crossroads: paradise and paradise lost.
Röntgen, De Neergaard, Grieg and Fuglsang
Edvard Grieg and Julius Röntgen met for the first time at a party of the Skandinaviske Selskap in Leipzig, Saturday February 27th 1875. Grieg was 31 years old, Röntgen a young man of only 19. Their friendship became really close only nine years later, in December 1883, when Grieg – suffering a midlife crisis and bored with his marriage – planned to stay one night with the Röntgens in Amsterdam. In advance Grieg had written to Röntgen that he hoped this one day in Amsterdam would last 48 hours. In the end it lasted nearly four weeks, since Grieg was exhausted and really not willing to og back to his wife! After the long sleepover, an intense correspondence between the two men flourished until 1907, the year of Grieg’s death.

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Paper Jurjen Vis 2011


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