Liubov Syniak – paper 2015

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Bergen May 29, 2015

Liubov Syniak, Ukraine
Postgraduate student of the Kyiv National Music Academy
Zhytomir, Ukraine

Role of the Choir in Revealing the Main Theme of Grieg-Bjørnson Musical Theatre in the Context of Foran Sydens Kloster (At the Cloister Gate) and opera incomplete Olav Trygvason

It is known that Grieg’s work in the sphere of musical theatre arose from creative co-operation with Bjørnson. The works created in the result of tandem of these two great artists allow clarifying a number of concepts of Grieg’s musical and theatrical aesthetics. Among others, they enable to reveal the role that the composer assigned to the choir in his works for musical theatre and implicitly in the opera. Researching this problem, in its turn, requires studying the information that restores political and cultural background of the time when Grieg’s works for musical theatre appeared.

Download the whole paper here
Paper Liubov Syniak 2015

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