Magnar Breivik – paper 2009

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Berlin May 15, 2009

Magnar Breivik, Norway
Associate professor, Department of Music
Norwegian University for Science and Technology

“Diese Musik ist weder für den Konzertsaal noch für Künstler geschrieben“: On Hindemith and Hausmusik.
Paul Hindemith was born in 1895, in the year that Grieg learned to know
Arne Garborg’s new cycle of poems called Haugtussa, which would soon form the basis for his op. 67. Hindemith was thus born in the late phases of romanticism, on the threshold of a new century in which he would play a prominent role as modernist Composer.

Download the whole paper here
Paper Magnar Breivik 2009

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