Malcolm Gillies and David Pear – paper 2007

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Bergen May 30, 2007

Malcolm Gillies, Australia
Professor, the Australian National University

David Pear, Australia
Associate Professor, the Australian National University

Percy Grainger:  Grieg’s Interpreter and Propagator
This paper surveys Percy Grainger’s half-century of propagation of Grieg’s music.  It contrasts Grainger’s public and private views, and traces the changes over the decades in his opinions about Grieg and his wife.  The paper ends with a study of how Grainger fitted Grieg into his evolving views about the Nordic world, how Grieg influenced Grainger’s perceptions of his own pianism, composition and folk-music study, and how Grainger sought to reconcile the obligations of propagator, prophet and protégé.

Download the whole paper here
Gillies and Pear paper 2007

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