Maria Eckhardt – paper 2011

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Copenhagen August 11, 2011

Maria Eckhardt, Hungary
Musicologist, choral conductor, retired director of the
Liszt Ferenc Memorial Museum, Budapest

Jubilees are always very important in turning the limelight of publicity on the person in question. This year the main person to celebrate in musical life is Franz Liszt who was born 200 years ago in Raiding, Hungary and died 125 years ago in Bayreuth, Germany. As I am first of all a Liszt scholar, it was proposed to me to give here a short survey about the personal relations between Franz Liszt and Edvard Grieg. The facts I shall recall here briefly, are not unknown either in Liszt, or in Grieg scholarship. However, it is worth while recalling them, for Franz Liszt has to be present at this conference, as he was present at some important points in the development of Edvard Grieg’s musical career.

Download the whole paper here
Paper Maria Eckhardt 2011

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