Patrick Dinslage – paper 2000

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Bergen May 25, 2000

Patrick Dinslage, Germany
Dr., Professor, Universität der Künste Berlin

The Young Grieg
The first part of this talk on “The Young Grieg” deals with the musical life of Bergen. It was here Grieg spent his childhood, which together with his schooling and family life was the basis for his first musical inspiration. The second part focuses on Grieg’s writings during his studies in Leipzig.
The greatest influence on Edvard Grieg’s musical development as a child was undoubtedly his mother Gesine Hagerup Grieg, who had studied with the well-known pedagogue Albert Methfessel in Hamburg. Ferdinand Giovanni Schediwy, his music teacher at Tanks School, which Grieg attended before leaving for Leipzig in 1858, should also be mentioned. Schediwy, a Czech musician who had arrived in Bergen in 1825, was also Cantor and organist at Bergen Cathedral, as well as a composer and conductor of several choirs. An important part of the social life of Edvard Grieg’s parents was their 19th century-style musical salon; in the friendly and hospitable atmosphere of concerts held here, Edvard had the opportunity to listen to all kinds of classical music.

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Patrick Dinslage paper 2000
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