Peer Findeisen – paper 2000

Presented at the Grieg Conference in Bergen May 26, 2000

Peer Findeisen, Germany
Dr., Pianist, writer

Musical Ethnofolklorism As Expression of National Cultural
In Grieg’s closest proximity an ethnofolkloristic movement begins, forming a Nordic counterpiece to Bartok’s and Kodaly’s (in Hungary) southeast-European research in folk music. What Grieg and Bartok have in common are the compositorial premise and the will to form a national music on the basis of popular musical folklore. Both were pianists, and in Grieg’s late piano cycle Slåtter op. 72 we find treatments of musical primitivism, which Bartok, some 9 years later – i.e. one year before his trip to Norway – takes to its extreme in his scandalous Allegro Barbaro in an anti-romantical fashion.

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Peer Findeisen paper 2000
Peer Findeisen paper 2000 German version